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MSA Senate Elections

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Voting closes at 6pm on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Get to know the candidates for MSA Academic Senate!

Arts & Science

– Mathew Swan
I serve as the Chair of the Senate Operations Committee and the Vice Chair of the Senate Academic Affairs Committee. I have authored and cosponsored several acts and resolutions. I represent MSA on the University Libraries Student Advisory Council and I serve on the campus Open Educational Resources and Textbook Affordability Task Force. Within the Academic Affairs Committee, I am working on the international flag display project. Within the Operations Committee, I am working on legislation pertaining to election reforms.

– Lucas Smith
As a current at-large senator, I have been in senate for nearly my entire first semester at the university. I have been already had my name on key legislation that have been passed in senate already this year and hope to continue that progress. MSA was one of the first organizations I joined once getting to campus. I wanted to provoke real change and be a voice for students on-campus. As a current arts & science major, I want to especially make sure those students voices are heard the loudest on the senate floor. To continue to represent the student body in MSA senate is a responsibility I would highly pride myself on.

– Jon Niemuth
I have always been interested in student government and know that I would fit in well with MSA. I hope to use MSA to become better educated on the issues facing students on campus. I hope to address these issues in ways that will make all parties happy, and to have respectiful discussion with fellow members. If I’m elected, I will be sure to hear students’ concerns and work to resolve them accordingly. I would like to be in MSA for the long run and leave some impact when I’m gone.

– Sterling Waldman
Sterling has extensive experience in MSA senate. They are currently serving as Social Justice Committee Chair. They have successfully worked on projects to provide more campus dining options for people with dietary restrictions and adding more than 200 gender neutral bathrooms to campus. They are currently working on the Native Missourians mural and a student oversight committee for campus dining services.

-Blake Willoughby
Hello, I’m Blake Willoughby (Sophmore, Journalism and Political Science Major).
I’m currently involved in the Operations Committee of RHA, and I was elected Vice Chair of that committee.
I’ve worked with other members of my hall government and representatives of RHA congress to fund groups that need it most and pass legislation to improve the RHA constitution or its bylaws.
I have no previous involvement with MSA; however, I have plenty of leadership experience.
Between my involvement in the Missouri National Guard and serving as President of my Speech and Debate program in High School for two years, I know what it takes to organize a team to get things done for the people.
Most importantly, my intention is to serve the MSA Senate as a voice for Mizzou students everywhere because I have a vested interest and drive to improve their collegiate experience.

– Jennifer Sutterer
I am running for the position of academic senator to represent a larger group of individuals on our campus, specifically within the student body of the College of Arts and Science. My aim is to give a voice to those who feel uninvolved in our university’s decision-making processes. Paying for college is already burdensome for many, so I support legislation that cuts down on mandatory student fees. Furthermore, I support policy increasing the level of safety on campus, as well as legislation that gives assistance to those who have gone through sexual or violent assault. My involvement on campus includes a myriad of organizations such as the College of Arts & Science Student Council, the Chancellor’s Standing Committee for Student Conduct, the Civic Leaders Internship Program, and Greek Life in the Delta Delta Delta sorority. In the past year, I have been involved with MSA as a Senator-at-Large and served on the MSA Budget Committee.

– Blake Wigen
I’m currently serving as an At-Large Senator for MSA. I also serve as Co-Deputy Secretary of External Policy for the Executive Branch of MSA. I would like to continue voicing the concerns of students as a Senator and help make Mizzou better!

– Victoria Haggerty
I am currently a sophomore double majoring in History and Psychology. I am involved with Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity (P.A.D.) as well as my social sorority. I currently serve on the execuative board as the service coordinator for P.A.D. as well as on the fundraising chair for my sorority’s philanthropy committee. If elected I would do everything in the best interest of Mizzou and the student body.

– Solomon Davis
My Freshman year I served as the president of Hatch Hall and with my term ending last spring, I decided to join MSA. I wanted to continue being an advocate for my fellow students and being a senator within MSA gave me the opportunity to do that. Since the spring I have used my curiosity to look at a variety of issues on this campus such as Emergency Blue Light Beacons and bike thefts just to name a few. This school year I currently serve as the MSA representative to the Chancellor’s Standing Committee for Parking and Transportation where I am serving my fellow students by making sure their voices are heard. As an academic senator, I will continue being a voice for students as well work to bring student solutions to the problems affecting us every day.

-Jacob Leverson
As a Political Science major who is involved with my community, I am heavily interested in being involved with the decision making process that applies to groups and entities. Rather than just sharing ideas, I’d like to see bright ideas be turned into action. This is why I believe I would be a perfect fit for MSA.

– Haydn Elsey
I’m the President of the MU Lions Club, ROTC Cadet, Missouri Student Veteran’s Association Secretary, member of the Department of Student Services, and a National Guard Soldier. I’ve had a blast my first two years as a senator so let’s keep it going. My goals are to find avenues to approach the parking issues, advocate for a healthier campus, and to actually reach out to the students and get to know as many faces as I can. Their is a lot to get done, and let me be a part of that. Vote for me!


– Cooper Grant
I am a freshman who joined the MSA Senate as an At-Large Senator, a position I have served in for the past two months. In those two months I have made many great relationships both within the Senate, by taking part in both Budget and Operations committees, and outside of Senate, by volunteering for tabling events and other functions designed to engage with students. As great as the past two months have been, I have also seen the bad side of Senate: the constant infighting, lack of cooperation, and general incompetency. As Academic Senator representing the College of Business, I will make it my personal mission to see these issues resolved so that we can focus our attention to where it matters most: to you, the students of this great campus we call home. Vote for me, and I will encourage the Senate to “cut the crap”, and make real change happen.

– Noah Englander
I have been a member of MSA since my freshman year. I have spent the whole of my involvement in MSA, as a part of the Student Affairs Committee. The main reason that I continue to participate in the Student Affairs Committee is because it is widely considered to be the most diversified of all the Senate Committees. The diversified nature of this Committee gives it the utility of exploring issues foreign or irrelevant to other committees, allowing it to be uniquely flexible, making it (in my opinion) the most interesting committee. I continued to be involved in MSA, specifically as a Senator, because I enjoy being involved in discussions to solve the problems most pressing to students at Mizzou.

– Anthony Garcia
As a part of the Missouri Student Association (MSA) during my 1st term, I worked on the Senate Budget Committee to cut our current deficit in order to have a surplus for the future. I plan to take on tasks that expand equality for all students and their ability to be heard. I will also work hard to help in any way I can to cut the cost of college and mandatory items to make college more affordable. I am committed to improving the Trulaske College of Business by raising its GPA and job placement percentage rate. My bottom line is that I will be serving the students of Trulaske to my best ability. If appointed, I will delegate what the students at Trulaske see as important to the legislative branch of MSA. I would love to be contacted any student who has a interest in fixing a problem that is prominent in the Trulaske College of Business.

– Christopher Rueve
I have never been a member of MSA, but upon being elected, I will fight to pass legislation that will greatly help everyone on Mizzou’s campus. As a member of six clubs, I will be able to reach out to you, the students, personally, in order to inform myself of all of your wants and needs. I plan on joining two more clubs next semester, further broadening my span of relations, in order to be a voice of the people in the Senate. If you fight for, and elect, me, Christopher Rueve, I will fight for you throughout the entirety of my term. Your voices will not go unheard, as they may have in the past. Thank you for your time, and vote for Rueve!

– Evan Mogley
My intention with getting involved with MSA is to be able to serve as an attentive listener and representative for the students of Mizzou. I am very passionate and determined to invoke a greater change for the University of Missouri and I feel that I am very qualified in the skills of organization, leadership and communication in order to achieve this. I have served one semester as an At-Large senator, and while I still have much to learn from my colleagues, I feel that from the experience I have gained thus far, I am able to accomplish the goals I set and help make sure that all legislation is researched, discussed, and passed appropriately.

– Benjamin Thornhill
I currently have no experience with MSA. Nonetheless, I’m eager for this opportunity to take an active role in making Mizzou a better campus. I feel that MSA is a perfect place to achieve such a role. The Trulaske Business College is one of the best on campus. With your vote, I will ensure that its interests are properly represented in MSA.

– Thomas Cater
I joined MSA to be a voice for the students. I want for all students to be heard and for their thoughts to be shared. I am involved within the business school as a Trulaske Business Ambassador. Outside of the business school, I am a senator for both Missouri Students’ Association and Legion of Black Collegians as well as being in the Honor’s College. It is my full intention to work with other business students, MSA senators and Dean Vinze to ensure the best for the business school.

– Jake Eovaldi
I’ve been involved with MSA for about two an a half years now. I am currently the chair of the MSA Budget Committee and Vice Chair of the Student Fee Review Committee. Both of these roles keep me up to date on the financial state of the university. If elected I intend to improve communications between MSA and the College of Business Student Council.

– Connor McAteer
Elect a Senator who advocates for students needs and wants. Who just doesn’t talk the talk, but walks the walk. From forming policy making Ellis library open 24 hours, student envolvement is critical in creating our stripes as MU Tigers. Through MSA & Tour Team representing Mizzou in a positive light to perspective and current students is a held passion of mine. Make your paw print on the University by voting for someone who cares.


– Jordan Duenckel
As a freshman, my college involvement has been limited to a few clubs related to my major. My intentions for running for MSA is to make the voices of all CAFNR students heard. I would also like to expand my leadership opportunities. CAFNR is a great part of the university and needs representatives that hear their complaints and take action for them. MSA Senate is a great opportunity to improve Mizzou while representing CAFNR.

– Beatrice Nkansah
I am a freshman here at Mizzou. Throughout my high school career I was apart our of the YMCA Youth and Government (YAG), a program that allowed me to learn more about being a Legislator. For YAG every year we took an annual trip down to Illinois State Capital where the legislators presented the bills they had been working on all year to the entire Illinois Youth and Government community, where lobbyists lobbied to a bigger crowd , and where Attorneys presented their cases, potentially going through Judicial Review. During my time with YAG, I was a co-sponsor, as a Representative, on two successful bills and I was Speaker of the House, in which I ran a strenuous yet successful campaign for. I hope to be apart of MSA to further my experience with legislation, bring forth some change, as well as contribute to Mizzou’s overall community!

Human Environmental Sciences

– Clayton Powell
I have been with MSA for a little over a year now. I very much enjoy working with MSA Senators and administration in creating legislation that benefits; students, the campus, and the College of Human Environmental Sciences. I hope to continue this work within MSA of making Mizzou a better campus for everyone.Thank you!


– Christopher Vas
I have been involved in MSA Senate for 2 semesters. During my time in the Senate I have worked to protect student fee dollars. I plan to focus on college affordability and transparency in the future.